» » » 38 No WW2 Aircraft Prints by WOOTON, TAYLOR, WEST, etc

38 No WW2 Aircraft Prints by WOOTON, TAYLOR, WEST, etc

£ P.O.A.

A collection of 38 limited edition, numbered prints featuring WW2 aircraft by painters Frank Wooton, Philip West, Robert Taylor, John Rayson, Michael Taylor, Nicholas Trudigan, Gerald Coulson, Michael Burnett and David Shepherd.

30 framed prints.

8 unframed prints.

Some artists proofs.

Most with the several servicemen’s signatures including many famous fighter and bomber pilots of WW2 and Tom Sopwith. These include “The Dambusters” by Robert Taylor with 18 pilots signatures, “Operation Jericho – The Jailbreakers” by Gerald Coulson with 19 signatures and “The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders” by Robert Taylor with 15 signatures.

Also included is an accompanying collection of decorative printed plates featuring WW2 aircraft scenes by a variety of painters. By Royal Doulton, Wedgewood, Royal Worcester and Davenport. These number some 50 plates, all in original box packaging and unused.

To be sold as a complete collection.



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Item Description

#Image NamePrint NameArtistPrint No.FramedUnframedSignatures
1FW_FramedPrint_D-DayD-Day June 1944Frank Wooton48 of 850X6
2FW_FramedPrint_PeenemundePeenemundeFrank Wooton585 of 850X8
3PW_FramedPrint_CallingStarlightCalling StarlightPhilip WestX2
4RT_FramedPrint_BattleofBritainVCBattle of Britain VCRobert TaylorX2
5RT_FramedPrint_StCroixSurMerSt Croix Sur MerRobert TaylorX4
6RT_FramedPrint_SwordfishAttackThe Swordfish Attack At TarantoRobert TaylorX3
7RT_FramedPrint_TyphoonAttackTyphoon AttackRobert TaylorX2
8RT_FramedPrint_NightIntruderNight IntruderRobert TaylorX2
9JR_FramedPrint_OverTheFenceOver The Fence Vickers WellingtonJohn RaysonX3
10MT_FramedPrint_WellingtonDispersalWellington DispersalMichael TaylorX0
11FW_FramedPrint_LowAttackLow Attack – The Mosquito TechniqueFrank WootonX1
12RT_FramedPrint_OperationsOnOperations OnRobert TaylorX5
13FW_FramedPrint_StrikeWingAttackStrike Wing AttackFrank Wooton16 of 850X6
14RT_FramedPrint_TheDambustersThe DambustersRobert TaylorX6
15RT_Print_TheChannelDashThe Channel DashRobert TaylorX6
16NT_Print_AdvanceIntoEuropeAdvanceIntoEuropeNicholas TrudiganX5
17RT_Print_HartmanTributeHartman TributeHartman TributeX2
18RT_Print_FightingTigersFightingTigersRobert TaylorX6
19RT_Print_TheGallantOhioThe Gallant OhioRobert TaylorX6
20RT_Print_VictoryFlyoverVictory FlyoverRobert TaylorX5
21RT_Print_DawnOperationsDawn OperationsRobert TaylorX4
22NT_Print_NormanyFighterSweepNormany Fighter SweepNicholas Trudigan6 of 2500X2
23GC_FramedPrint_TheLastPatrolThe Last PatrolGerald CoulsonX0
24RT_FramedPrint_TheDambusters_18The DambustersRobert TaylorX18
25FW_FramedPrint_BaderBailoutBader BailoutFrank WootonX2
26GC_TheSinkingOfTheTurpitzThe Sinking Of The TurpitzGerald Coulson419 of 500X1
27GC_FramedPrint_OperationJerichoOperation Jericho – The JailbreakersGerald Coulson68 of 850X19
28MT_FramedPrint_EaglesOverTheChannelEagles Over The ChannelMichael TaylorX4
29RT_FramedPrint_HighPatrolHigh PatrolRobert TaylorArtist Proof 73 of 75X4
30FW_FramedPrint_LancasterLancasterFrank Wooton510 of 850X7
31RT_FramedPrint_VictorySaluteVictory SaluteRobert TaylorX3
32RT_FramedPrint_MoralSupportMora lSupportRobert TaylorX2
33RT_FramedPrint_TheDoolittleTokyoRaidersThe Doolittle Tokyo RaidersRobert Taylor296 of 1000X15
34FW_FramedPrint_BattleOverLondon1940Battle Over London 1940Frank Wooton246X3
35MB_FramedPrint_HorseGlidersHorsa Gliders at The Rhine Crossing, 24th   March 1945Michael Burnett754 of 850X1
36DS_FramedPrint_656SquadronAuster656 Squadron Auster MKIV in North Malaya 1962David Shepherd125 of 850X1
37DS_FramedPrint_654SquadronAuster654 Squadron Auster MKIII in Tunisia 1943David Shepherd213 of 850X1
38RT_FramedPrint_WellingtonWellingtonRobert TaylorX2