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Portable “Domestic” solid fuel fired steam driven electrical generator sets.

£ P.O.A.

Outputs of around 10 KW

Voltages from 12 V D.C. up to 220 V A.C.


We are now able to offer complete steam driven generator sets, suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Made up to order from reconditioned, original high speed enclosed steam engines and vertical boilers, these self-contained units are capable of running on most solid fuels, including wood, coal, bagasse, etc and are extremely heavy duty and (if properly maintained) very long lasting. Electrical generators are new and are usually belt driven. The example illustrated has an output of around 1 KW. Larger sets can be supplied up to around 10 KW. Above 10 KW the combined weights become impractical for portable units, but we can provide stationary, boilers and gen sets up to around 350 KW. All steam powered gen sets require a water supply as well as a fuel supply. Typical consumption rates generally fall in the range, for larger sets, of 3.5 – 4.00 Kgs of dry wood fuel and 7.5 – 8.00 Kgs water per KW/Hr. Large sets can be operating in ‘condensing’ mode to save water. Higher calorific fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, etc wil result in a significantly lower fuel consumption. For sake of simplicity and to reduce costs, these sets are usually designed to be manually (hand) fired and therefore require regular attention when running.

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